Teaching Methodology

The teaching methodologies incorporate a blend of classical as well as modern approaches. Such techniques commonly applied are class lectures, case studies, group discussions, project assignments, field visits, problem solving exercises, guest lectures and review of literature/small project works and regular classroom presentations, demonstrations and special talk programs will constitute a regular feature in the program. The overall focus of the program, will be:

a. Innovative approach

b. Appreciative inquiry approach

c. Participatory and collaborative approach

d. Competitive approach

Skill and Development

TTIC family believes in well skilled competitive approach of its students in the practical and professional world. We have adopted every possible means with every possible facilities for our students so that our student can achieve required skills for their coming days. Every once in a while we motivate our students for participating in research oriented programs. We organize career council presentation classes. We organize seminars, discussion, conference, meeting for our students periodically so that we can keep in touch with the overall development of our students


We always focus on quality education. Quality education is only possible from quality personnel. We have experienced and efficient teachers who can shape students’ career technically, morally and above all professionally. We are always concerned about the practical knowledge that any student should acquire before marching to competitive world. We have well equipped labs, libraries, computer classes, sports facilities and we organize various academic seminars and counselling sections that sharpens our students practically. We believe that if lectures within four wall can shape “the mind”, outside world can shape “the mood”.