BA/BSW Program

BA/BSW program of The Times Int’l College intends to facilitate the students to evolve as capable social workers, development professionals, researchers, lecturers or government officers. The program gives parallel emphasis on theoretical and practical aspects of education in order to enable the students to internalize different concepts and to connect abstract ideas with real life situations, thereby bridging the gulf between education and life. We provide enough exposure to the students in the form of various visits, field trips, interaction programs, workshops, seminars, presentations, and students’ publications. We believe that 21st century learners are the architects of their own destiny and we have managed a highly congenial and conducive environment for their academic moulding and professional growth. The College has been working with about 97 different organizations in which our students get opportunities to link classroom learning with practical aspects of life and to understand the complex intersections between theories and practices. It provides them with opportunities to have some experience, of the challenges and hardships of professional life strongly preparing them for future careers. The students have also been guided and facilitated to organize blood donation programs, sanitation campaigns, and awareness raising programs, ethnographic studies, case studies and action researches. Moreover our frequent cultural visits to different ethnic communities have been helping them to develop an in-depth understanding of our cultural diversity and it has supported them to be culturally responsive professionals. Also regular internal assessment system of the college works in keeping the students at the right track throughout the session.

Why study BA/BSW at the Times?

• It is a combination of literature and development

• It generates opportunities in I/NGOs and also in different government agencies and projects.

• The course enables the students to be competent for different posts of public service commission examinations.

• It nurtures the interest for social service.

• This multidisciplinary course opens wide range of possibilities for students’ academic and professional development.

• Students can explore their potential in the world of creativity developing themselves as professional writers.

• Students can be highly potential candidate for higher education in world class universities of different countries.

• Our placement team support in the internship placement.

• Students can develop their own social work and developmental projects. By using their innovative skills they can be job creators rather than job seekers.

• Students are trained with various skills so as to make them capable of evolving into highly demanded professionals.

• Students joint the Times’ BA/BSW programs to be unbeatable achievers in the fields of development, literature, social work and public service.