From the Management Desk

No organization can boom in absence of a strong, dedicated, determined, devoted, enthusiastic, creative and productive management team. Regarding the management of The Times International College/SS, we have all the features as mentioned above. We have divided our academic and administrative teams separately in order to make the operational activities more dynamic. Our management team believes that every student has some kind of hidden aptitude and explore their aptitude with appreciative inquiry. We never point out at students that they are wrong rather we look into ourselves as why we have not been able to make them understand. We have a strong faith that a robber “Ratnakar” can be molded as “Balmiki.” We create such a situation and circumstance that students can be academically and empathetic and compassionate along with “Entrepreneurship Quality” and simply a “Good Human Being”. We have an another belief that students of today’s world must have cosmopolitan vision in absence of which students will remain paralyzed despite having a sound academic education.

Last but not least, we would like to welcome all the aspiring students to step premises of “TTIC/SS” and feel the flavor of it.