Why Study at The Times International College/SS

The Times International College is a home for students who are ready to face challenges and expand their intellectual horizons. Every student is urged to question ideas, share different perspectives in class. This helps them to think on their own, reason well, and succeed in their learning. Students also take part in various extracurricular activities that enhance their sportsmanship and social skills.

TTIC is one of the pioneer colleges in Nepal. We offer students a degree which is recognized globally. Our goal is to help and inspire students through a great learning experience. Also, our partnerships with local and international universities and organizations, combined with excellent facilities, open up many opportunities for students in academics and their future careers.

Get value for money with a quality degree at a local cost.

Our overall quality (students’ experience, academic standards, and program delivery) is underpinned by adherence to the International Education Quality Assurance Agency’s Quality Code

To ensure that students get the education they deserve we have staff with international academic qualifications from the Japan, Australia, Germany and India. We are dedicated in providing students with the complete Standard learning experience.

Linked with various academic institutions, TTIC students have access to regular guest lecturers and speakers from the National and other countries as well as from reputed corporate houses and public institutions in Nepal.

Scholarships are provided for deserving students.

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